2016 Jordan Chardonnay

A rare expression of California Chardonnay that excites the senses with its bright aromas and flavors.

Like an elegant Chablis, the 2016 Jordan Chardonnay is vibrant and precise. The beguiling aroma of citrus blossoms leads to succulent flavors of Meyer lemon, Asian pear and kumquat with a beautiful weight and roundness—all supported by a crisp backbone of acidity. Its lingering, citrus-laced finish invites you to take another sip.

2016 enjoyed a rare but pleasant departure from the usual Mediterranean climate. Spring was simply an extension of winter’s moderate weather patterns. Bud break and bloom occurred under normal conditions in Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley, and though grape cluster sizes were slightly lower than most years, berry counts were nearly perfect. Cool, foggy mornings throughout summer kept air moisture levels high, so detailed work was needed to protect the growing fruit before the heat arrived, bringing an early harvest. Like its predecessor, the 2016 Jordan Chardonnay will be remembered as very Chablis-like upon release.

2014 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

The third in a string of simply incredible vintages, 2014 is opulent yet elegant—a true reflection of our decision to use more French oak, which beautifully refines and lengthens the finish of the wine.

The 2014 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon exudes layers of stunning blackberry, black cherry and cassis fruit. The palate has a velvety richness that coats the mouth with concentrated blackberries and cassis, laced with fine tannins from aging in new French oak barrels. Hints of chocolate, violets and dark fruits linger in the long finish.

In what seems to have become a trend in the past few years, 2014 was defined by another early growing season. After a moderate winter, the buds burst early and grew rapidly in Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley. Relatively warm, dry days prevailed in spring with only one cold spell, allowing the vineyards to bloom perfectly and set a beautiful, balanced crop. Extremely dry weather with very few heat spikes allowed the grapes to develop intense, dark fruit aromas and flavors. A vintage of great promise for collectors.

2012 Jordan Cabernet 1.5L

A special vintage that lends itself to the long, graceful aging that only a large-format bottle can provide.

Experience the ultimate Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon in magnum format, our winemaker’s favorite size of wine bottle. The 2012 Jordan’s silky palate is plush yet poised, boasting a beautiful balance of black fruits and fine tannin structure, with a seductive texture and depth of flavor far beyond the 750mL bottle. Its finish is lively, lingering and laced with a sweetness of black cherry and blackberry.

Winemaker Rob Davis wanted to bottle the entire 2012 vintage in magnum. It was truly a phenomenal growing season—every winemaker’s dream. Spring temperatures in Alexander Valley were cool but not too cold with minimal rain and no frost during bud break. After a long, gorgeous summer, the harvest was fast and furious, with white and red grapes ripening at the same time. The biggest surprise was how stunning this bountiful crop tasted in the tanks—an elegant, yet concentrated wine that has the potential to age for decades.

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